PCs' failed P3 schools cost Albertans nearly $1.5 million

EDMONTON – New Democrat MLA Deron Bilous released new documents today that show the PCs wasted nearly $1.5 million with their failed plan to build 19 schools under a P3 model.

“This is insult added to injury. Families are already frustrated that these desperately needed schools will be late, now on top of that we find out that Albertans will pay the price for this government’s irresponsible and reckless plan,” said Bilous.

 A document obtained through a Freedom of Information request shows that, despite failing to build any of the 19 schools, the government paid out nearly $1.5 million for costs related to P3s including advisory and consultancy services and a $750,000 honorarium.

“This is just one more example of how this reckless government has misspent Albertans’ money. There are numerous studies that show the P3 method would cost Albertans more and yet the PCs insisted on pushing ahead with the plan.”

“Imagine the number of teachers’ salaries that wasted money could have paid for. There will be 12,000 additional kids entering our school system this September, yet the PCs are refusing to hiring a single new teacher,” said Bilous. 

“This government has failed to make Alberta families a priority and it’s our children and our communities that are paying the price.”