PCs failure to provide mental healthcare for PDD recipients is endangering lives

EDMONTON – NDP Leader Rachel Notley was joined by LoSeCa Foundation CEO, Marie Renaud today to release a letter detailing the PCs failure to provide safe environments and supports for PDD recipients with complex needs.

The letter details the dangerous history of one of LoSeCa’s clients, a man who has assaulted staff as well as his peers, tried to hurt himself and made numerous death threats. It also details LoSeCa’s ongoing struggle to support him without access to the mental health care he needs.
“We have seen the tragic consequences of allowing dangerous individuals to continue to live and work in communities without the proper treatment or supports. Innocent lives have been lost because this government refuses to make this vital mental health care a priority,” said Notley.
The man described in the letter was admitted to Grey Nuns Hospital in August 2014 and remains there, as there is no secure place for him to live and receive psychiatric support in the community.
“This government has let our mental health system deteriorate to the point that we are now faced with a dangerous shortage of mental health facilities and spaces in Alberta. In some cases, like this one, there is simply nothing available. The PCs need to take responsibility for providing mental health care services, they can’t continue to offload the responsibility for care onto service providers like us,” said Renaud.
“These are some of our most vulnerable citizens. They often can’t advocate for the care they are entitled to and so this government ignores them. By continuing down this reckless path of neglect, the PCs are putting PDD recipients, support workers and community members at a serious risk of being hurt or killed,” said Notley.
“We need decisions that our going to strengthen our communities and ensure safe spaces for kids and families. By turning a blind eye to this serious issue, the PC are proving they are out of touch with what Albertans need.”