PCs mislead Albertans on school construction

 EDMONTON – Today, NDP Education critic Deron Bilous called on the government to come clean on the true timelines for Alberta school construction projects.

“The truth is, these schools are not going to be built on time, and the fact this PC government refuses to be up front and honest with Albertans show an incredible arrogance and lack of respect for the families who are depending on them,” said Bilous.
Bilous’ comments come after the Red Deer Public School District spoke out, saying Inglewood Elementary School is not as far along as the government says it is.
In an update yesterday, the province reported that construction will start on the school next month, but school board officials say it hasn’t even gone to tender and won’t be completed until September 2017, a full year after the province’s target.
“There are families all over this province planning their lives around these promised schools but instead of putting the interests of those families first, the PCS continue to use school announcements to serve their own political interests. Clearly we cannot trust the information coming from this government,” said Bilous.
“The PCs promised 50 new schools three years ago and have only managed to build one of them and now we’re supposed to believe they’ll build 75 by 2016? This government is far more concerned with making headlines than following through with their promises.”