PCs neglect of vital healthcare infrastructure threatens patient care

CALGARY – The PCs have been neglecting vital health infrastructure for years, knowingly compromising the safety of patients and heath care workers, NDP Leader Rachel Notley said today. 

Notley released AHS documents today, detailing nearly $100 million worth of overdue infrastructure maintenance projects in 3 major Calgary hospitals.

The Foothills Medical Centre is the largest hospital in Alberta and services more than 2 million patients every year. Rockyview General Hospital and Lougheed Centre provide acute and routine care to Calgary and much of Southern Alberta.
“Millions of Albertans rely on these hospitals to be safe and secure places that provide high quality care when they or their loved ones are sick or injured. The PCs chronic neglect of basic infrastructure maintenance put patients’ care at risk,” said Notley.
The documents, obtained through Freedom of Information requests detail 6 years of overdue projects, including overdue fire sprinkler installations and asbestos remediation and removal at Foothills as well as several roof replacements, some of them now 3 years overdue.
“Hundreds of patients were impacted when the roof caved in at the Misericordia in Edmonton. The PCs refused to replace it on time and the results for patients were disastrous. The entire first floor had to be closed down, and the ER could not accept new patients. We cannot allow this kind of neglect and deliberate delay to continue whether it’s here in Calgary or in Lethbridge or Red Deer or anywhere else. On behalf of all Albertans, I’m demanding that Jim Prentice and Stephen Mandel take maintaining our hospitals much more seriously,” said Notley.
“This PC government neglected our hospitals when times were good, so how can Albertans expect them to maintain them properly now? The PCs refuse to put the health and safety of Alberta families first and that is just plain wrong. Albertans want the care of patients to be the priority in our health care system and so do I.”