PCs pat themselves on the back prematurely

 EDMONTON – The PCs appear to have announced plans to build more seniors spaces, and then held a congratulatory press conference announcing how many more seniors care spaces they’d built – before a single one even left the drawing board.

“It’s like starting a New Year’s resolution and saying “I did it!” on January 2nd,” said NDP Seniors Critic David Eggen. “They’ve assembled a mish-mash of numbers for this announcement that make their totals less than credible. This government has been failing to meet the needs of seniors for decades. Now as an election approaches, they are covering up their failings with hasty congratulatory announcements.”
Right now, hundreds of seniors are being cared for in acute care beds, because the proper space is not available in the community. This serious lack of long-term care beds in Alberta has led to dangerous capacity issues in emergency rooms across the province.
Despite continued promises from the PCs, the number of seniors waiting for long term care has grown and hospitals continue to operate at well over 100% capacity levels.
“The PCs continue to manipulate Albertans with re-announcements of old funding, misleading announcements on new schools that haven’t begun construction yet, and now they’re congratulating themselves on a job that hasn’t even begun,” said Eggen. “Albertans deserve a government that shows leadership, not a government that cuts corners with faux announcements.” 
The NDP would open long term care beds, alleviating the pressure on emergency departments and ensuring seniors get the care they need.