PCs re-announce already announced schools

EDMONTON – New Democrat Education critic Deron Bilous called the PCs’ re-announcement of schools today, a rehash of old promises.

“The PCs are obviously looking to squeeze every ounce of media they can out of these projects ahead of the election. I think most Albertans see through the recycled headlines to the empty fields where these schools should be standing already,” said Bilous.

Of the 120 schools that the PCs announced in 2013, only one school is open. Despite their failure to complete those projects on time, the PCs announced in October 2014 they planned to build more schools.

“The PCs put out a press release today, patting themselves on the back for keeping a promise they haven’t kept yet. Construction on many of these schools should have been well underway by now and while the PCs spend time regurgitating old press releases, class sizes are ballooning and kids are not getting the education they deserve,” said Bilous.

“Even if by some twist of fate, this government managed to open all of its promised schools on time it wouldn’t help because they refuse to hire the teachers to staff them.”