PCs to blame for Edmonton’s crumbling healthcare infrastructure

EDMONTON – Today, NDP Leader Rachel Notley called on PCs to explain to Albertans the decades of neglect which new documents show jeopardize patient care throughout Edmonton.

“This government has clearly failed to adequately plan for our province’s future and as a result, we are in a situation where infrastructure issues in our hospitals have become so severe that they are now a risk to patients and staff,” said Notley.
Documents released by the NDP today show that according to AHS’ own Emergency Facilities Summary, five ERs in Edmonton are now considered to pose a level of risk that requires immediate action.
The document cites specific risks to patients. At the Royal Alexandra, the report identities “significant capacity pressures (i.e. inability to meet the demand for service in a timely and effective manner) in trauma, Emergency, Adult ICU.”
“It is unacceptable that this government has allowed the infrastructure of 5 Edmonton ERs to deteriorate to this point. The PCs have failed to provide Albertans with the safe access to care that they deserve,” said Notley.
The NDP also released documents which analyze the Surgery and Operative Services of Edmonton’s hospitals.
The report identified capacity pressures in the 6 Edmonton surgical centres. At the Royal Alex, the report suggests the Royal Alex cannot perform cancer surgeries in a timely manner because of infrastructure complaints.
“We are the richest jurisdiction in the country and yet Albertans who are waiting for potentially life-saving surgeries are being told they have to wait. It’s disgraceful,” said Notley.