Pediatric Surgeon speaks out about the situation at the Stollery

EDMONTON –After reading the coverage arising from a New Democrat release Monday, Associate Professor of Surgery at University of Alberta, Stollery Children’s Hospital, Dr. Bryan Dicken felt compelled to speak out about the real life impact surgery cancellations are having on kids, parents and staff.

“These numbers only begin to tell the story of dire situation our health care system is facing. This is not a blip in the system, as the minister characterized it - this is a structural problem for which there is no plan in place to address our population growth and that means it will only get worse,” said Dicken.
Data obtained by the NDP through FOIP show that in the last 9 months, postponed surgeries have nearly doubled what was reported in 12 months last year at Stollery Children’s Hospital, reaching 200 by December 2014.
“This government has made promise after promise to fix our health care system and we haven’t seen an improvement, in fact things have gotten worse. The PCs have refused to listen to frontline workers like Dr. Dicken for years and the results have been catastrophic,” said NDP leader Rachel Notley.
“Last night I had to postpone surgery for a premature baby; this takes an incredible toll both emotionally and financially on parents and kids. When I call a parents to tell them their child’s surgery has been scheduled, in the same breath I’m warning them that surgery will likely be bumped. That’s not the way we want to practice medicine,” said Dicken.
“If the province moves forward with cuts, I don’t know what we’ll do. There is nothing we can cut. We can’t squeeze any more water from this stone.”