Prentice continues to put Albertans last in Speech from the Throne: NDP

EDMONTON – Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley said that Jim Prentice’s first Speech from the Throne continues to put the real priorities of Albertans last.

“Our new Premier has clearly chosen to protect the bank accounts of the wealthy over the services Alberta families want and need.  From everything that I’ve heard from families around this province, better health care and education are their top priority. Instead, they are getting more service cuts,” Notley said. “This is exactly the kind of speech you’d expect from a Bay Street banker.”
“This speech represents a continued abandonment of the commitments the PCs made to voters in the last election and upon which the Premier’s majority relies.   In that sense, the broken promises in this speech represent only more of the same.”
The PCs’ Speech from the Throne clearly says that the government will not invest in services at the rate of inflation and population growth, meaning that again this year Albertans will see more and more services that don’t keep pace with the province’s growth.
“This speech totally neglects a crucial issue that all Albertans are concerned about: the 84,000 children in this province living in poverty. The PCs promised they’d deal with this in the last election, but the Throne Speech contains only a hollow silence.”
“This government’s commitment to environmental protection is the most anemic approach I’ve seen in years and can only mean that our air, land and water will continue to be threatened by government neglect.”