Prentice must quit hiding and come clean with Albertans on Bill 10 before election: Notley

EDMONTON – The PCs must stop hiding and tell Albertans what they are going to do about GSAs—voluntary clubs that allow students to organize against homophobia and bullying in schools—before going into an election, said New Democrat leader Rachel Notley.

“Alberta is a modern, forward-looking province, but this PC government continues to lag far behind. We saw the Premier stall on this important issue and then go into hiding.  It was wrong then and it is wrong now.” Notley said. “Albertans deserve to know where the government stands on gay-straight alliances before they are asked to vote on who should lead them going forward.”

"People across this province have made it clear that it is time for action on this issue of fairness and equality. When the legislature resumes on March 10th we should act and act firmly. There is no good reason for delay.  My fear is that the merger of the PCs and the majority of Wildrose MLAs has pushed Jim Prentice even farther away from doing the right thing." said Notley

Last fall, Prentice introduced legislation to block a private members’ bill that would have ensured that every student had the right to establish a gay-straight alliance in their school if they asked for one.

Similar legislation exists in many provinces across Canada.

“The PCs cannot hide from this issue by calling a spring election. Albertans have said loud and clear that they believe in fairness, equality and in creating safer schools. Today, I’m calling on Prentice and the PCs to stop hiding and tell Albertans what they’re going to do to protect LGBTQ youth in our schools.”