Prentice’s PC arrogance shines through: Notley

EDMONTON – NDP Leader Rachel Notley released the following statement today in response to comments made by Jim Prentice, Wednesday where he suggested it would be a failure of the duty of opposition parties were they not ready for a snap election.

“Once again Jim Prentice has proven to Albertans that arrogance continues to fuel the PC party- a party that will do whatever it takes to stay in power, no matter the cost to regular Albertans.
“It is clear that Prentice cannot be trusted to be accountable for his own actions. First he breaks the official opposition, then he prepares to break the spirit of his election law and then blames the opposition for not being election-ready? Next he'll be firing teachers and then telling kids it's their fault for not learning to read.
“While I can assure Albertans and Jim Prentice that the Alberta New Democrats are ready to take him on. His arrogant approach to other opposition parties is clear evidence of a premier who has very little respect for the promises he made or for the diverse voices in Alberta."