Rachel Notley makes upgrading and refining jobs a top priority for NDP

EDMONTON – Today, NDP Leader Rachel Notley announced a plan to deliver better value from Alberta’s resources.

“The PCs have squandered our wealth with a fire sale of our resources,” said Notley. “We’ll stop the fire sale and start rewarding businesses that create upgrading and refining jobs here at home. Our plan will deliver better value to Albertans for the shared resources we all own together.”

Notley announced that an NDP government will establish a new Resource Owners’ Rights Commission. The Commission will recommend a royalty structure that rewards value-added processing as part of an overall review of Alberta’s approach to resource development.

“Jim Prentice is more interested in creating jobs in Texas than here in Alberta,” said Notley. “As Premier, I will work with our partners in industry to add value and create more jobs here in Alberta. With the right priorities, an NDP government will promote upgrading and refining right here, starting now. That’s what Alberta’s families and communities need.”

The Resource Owners’ Rights Commission will make recommendations within six months of the election and an NDP government will act on those recommendations as part of our plan to build a stronger and more prosperous Alberta.

The backgrounder can be viewed here.