Rachel Notley's NDP to create jobs by rewarding businesses that hire in Alberta

LETHBRIDGE - Today, NDP Leader Rachel Notley announced that an NDP government will help create 27,000 jobs by rewarding businesses that hire new employees in Alberta.

"Good jobs matter to every family, but the PCs have no plan to create employment opportunities for Albertans," said Notley. "New Democrats will support new jobs here at home with a dedicated Job Creation Tax Credit. Our plan will provide real relief for families in tough times."

Alberta lost 14,000 jobs in February. While Jim Prentice and the PCs forecast even more job losses this year, the PC budget fails to provide any support to create new jobs.

Notley announced that an NDP government will reward companies that hire in Alberta with a targeted Job Creation Tax Credit. The proven tax credit plan will encourage new hiring by refunding 10 percent of each new employee's salary to a maximum salary of $50,000.

"People are worried about their livelihoods and being able to provide for their families, but Jim Prentice and the PCs are more interested in saving luxury golf courses than saving jobs," Notley said. "Albertans deserve an NDP government that shares their priorities and works with businesses to create new jobs and invest in Albertans. It's time for a government that has the right priorities."

The NDP's fully-costed plan to support new jobs will cost $89 million this year and support up to one hundred new hires at participating businesses. 


Rachel Notley and the NDP will reward job creators and support 27,000 new jobs for Alberta’s families.

Our Plan:

  • An NDP government will introduce a Job Creation Tax Credit to reward businesses that create new jobs in Alberta.
  • While the PCs ship jobs to Texas, New Democrats have a targeted and proven plan to support the creation of new jobs here at home.


  • In February alone, Alberta lost 14,000 jobs.
  • Jim Prentice’s Budget predicts more job losses over the rest of this year. Page 64 says, “Employment is expected to fall further for the remainder of the year.”
  • The PC Budget predicts Alberta’s unemployment rate will rise significantly – from 4.7% in 2014 to 5.9% by 2016.
  • The PC Budget fails to offer a single concrete measure to support job creation now.


  • Our plan will help support the creation of 27,000 new jobs.
  • We will implement the Job Creation Tax Credit as soon as possible after the election to support immediate job creation.
  • Our targeted tax credit plan will cover 10% of the salary of new jobs, to a maximum salary of $50,000.
  • Our fully-costed plan to create new jobs will require an investment of $89 million this year. 
  • Businesses will be able to claim the Job Creation Tax Credit for up to 100 new jobs, providing a direct incentive for businesses to hire more employees.
  • This proven NDP proposal is modeled on President Obama’s similar plans. Prime Minister Harper also introduced an Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit equal to 10% of wages paid to new apprentices from 2006 onward.

Our plan is focused on results. By measuring employers’ actual hiring and payroll increases through Employment Insurance data, an NDP government will only pay for jobs that are actually created.

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