Rachel Notley's plan for FCSS will reinvest funding for strong and vibrant communities

EDMONTON-Today, Rachel Notley announced that an NDP government will reinvest in Alberta's cities and growing communities through Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), which supports after school programs for kids, child development programs, and counseling for individuals and families.

"Alberta's children and families deserve the opportunity to build and strengthen their communities," said Notley. "FCSS is based on the values of inclusion, integrity, and independence-Alberta's NDP shares those values. That's why an Alberta NDP government will reinvest in FCSS." 

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) funding has remained stagnant for the past four years under the PC government. In 2015, the Prentice plan did not invest any new funding in FCSS despite advocacy by volunteer organizations concerned about a lack of resources to support Alberta's growing cities and communities.

Today, Notley announced that an Alberta NDP government will maintain and increase funding for FCSS by investing an additional $25 million dollars annually to maintain and strengthen services in a growing Alberta. The Alberta NDP plan will allow municipalities and Métis settlements to decide how best to use FCSS funding to strengthen community services.

"Prentice and his team have got it all wrong for our growing cities and communities," said Notley. "At a time when our civic and community leaders are looking for new partnerships, the Prentice plan sends the wrong message-the PCs aren't listening."

"Now, more than ever, Alberta needs a new government that recognizes the value of community. By reinvesting in FCSS, we intend to make sure our communities know they're supported."


Family and Community Support Services

Rachel Notley’s NDP will reinvest in FCSS and help strengthen our growing communities.


Rachel Notley’s plan for FCSS:

  • Invest $25 million dollars in new funding for FCSS to keep up with Alberta’s growing cities and communities.
  • Allocate FCSS funding directly to municipalities and Métis Settlements.
  • Allow municipalities and Métis settlements to decide how FCSS funds will be spent.

What is FCSS?

  • Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) supports community needs and development through cost-effective and locally-based initiatives.
  • Vital community services provided through FCSS include: parent-child development, temporary parental relief, support services for children,  and youth education and information programs.

The Prentice plan for FCSS:

  • In budget 2015, FCSS funding remained stagnant.
  • Over the past four years, the PCs have not invested any additional funding for FCSS.