Reality Check: Thank You for Being a Friend

This weekend Jason Kenney and supporters are joining together in Calgary to bring an end to the PC Party of Peter Lougheed. Jason Kenney is bringing people together - here are some of the people he has brought to the PC Party:

  • Alan Hallman - Kenney strategist and organizer who was banned from the PC Party for bad behaviour and today charged with common assault.
  • George Clark - Kenney delegate who led the 'Kudatah.'
  • Bernard "the Roughneck" -  Vancouver actor and Kenney delegate who advocated for cyber-attacks on the government, and today derided CTV as 'fake news.'

It's clear that with friends like these the only thing we're going to see from Jason Kenney and the PCs is nothing but the complete embrace of the "lake of fire", the belief that "feminism is cancer", and a plan for slash and burn cuts that are only going to make things worse for Alberta families.