Reality Check: Kenney must release the results of the UCP vote-rigging investigation

EDMONTON - Allegations of stealing ballots and attempting to stuff a ballot box continue to spread against MLA Prab Gill.

Jason Kenney has known about them for two weeks. But now, even though we have learned that an investigation has been completed and a report has been written, Mr. Kenney is still refusing to come clean about what happened.

For many, this feels a lot like the same old Conservatives culture of entitlement and corruption that took over the party before Albertans voted them out of office in the last election.

The investigation was conducted by retired judge Ted Carruthers and, no matter how much he might like to, Mr. Kenney cannot sweep it under the rug. He needs to be clear about what’s in the report and why he didn’t come clean and take action sooner.

The public has a right to know exactly what was uncovered, how deep the investigation went and why Mr. Kenney covered up the allegations and refused to deal with them sooner.



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