This month, Albertans shared what they love about our province. 

Here are just a few of the responses we received when we asked: "What do you love most about Alberta?"

“I love Albertans, our boundless spirit and our common commitment to striving for a better community.” — Jim, Calgary

“Rachel Notley and her fearlessly standing up for Alberta" — Sandra, Edmonton

"I love that we can admit when the direction that we have previously taken was wrong, and can then elect politicians (Premier Notley being a prime example) who care about ALL Albertans—shows real growth - the kind that matters."— Terry, Athabasca

“The Rockies, from Banff to Jasper, and beyond, a gift of nature and place to rejuvenate after weeks of hard work.” — Azhar, Airdrie

"I love the cultural diversity of Alberta communities; people from all across the world have chosen to make this province their home and it shows in the range of cultural experiences we have available to us." — Rick, Edmonton 

"I LOVE Alberta's sunshine and our people - great entrepreneurial spirit and respect for the environment!" — Terry, Calgary 

"Alberta's leadership in having a carbon tax shows that we love the environment. Way to go Rachel!" — William, Edmonton 

"Love that we FINALLY have an NDP government!" — Jean, Rocky Mountain House 

"I love our great Education system and our beautiful green spaces." — Susan, Medicine Hat

"I love Alberta due to our province having the best Premier, the best economic outlook in Canada, the best minimum wage, the toughest approach to getting pipelines built to get our oil to off shore markets." — James, Boyle 

“We are a province of innovators, entrepreneurs and we hold great compassion for our fellow Canadians.” — Alida, Calgary

"I love the mountains and natural beauty of Alberta! I am also very pleased with our new government! Keep strong on your policies and keep rocking the carbon tax!" — Shane, St. Paul 

"There is a genuine sense of community-people ready to help others in times of need, to enjoy the arts, and protect the amazing ecological-sociological systems we live in." — Larry, Turner Valley 

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