Statement by NDP leader Rachel Notley on the Day of Mourning

NDP Leader Rachel Notley released the following statement on the Day of Mourning:

"Every day, across Alberta, workers risk their lives serving our communities. They work indoors and outdoors, in all sectors and in all trades, and sadly, too many of them suffer preventable deaths and injury on the job.

"April 28th marks the Day of Mourning, commemorating workers who have been lost or injured at work. Today we are reminded of the need to ceaselessly strive for safer workplaces and improved protection for workers.

"The Day of Mourning is also an opportunity to remember some of the most vulnerable workers in Alberta today: farm workers. They work without the right to organize, take rest periods or receive the minimum wage, safety protections or mandatory workers’ compensation coverage.

"Alberta’s NDP is committed to improving life for all workers in all sectors, while protecting and creating jobs."