Statement from Hon. Joe Ceci on by-election result in Calgary-Foothills

CALGARY - Hon. Joe Ceci released the following statement on the outcome of Thursday's by-election result in Calgary-Foothills:

I would like to congratulate Mr. Prasad Panda on his victory tonight. It was a hard-fought race by all sides, and that’s what voters deserved.

We had no illusions about this by-election. We knew that it would be an uphill battle given the history of the riding and the economic challenges we face because of the collapse in oil prices.

And we heard from Calgarians, what they want is well-thought out solutions to lift up our economy and put people back to work, not knee-jerk reactions based on ideology.

Families want our government to continue to protect the services that matter the most to their lives, like education and health care. 

We hear the concerns about oil prices loud and clear. And we are working hard to release an economic recovery plan in the coming weeks.

Some opposition members are demanding cuts that would turn two income families into one income families, and one income families into no-income families. That’s not the solution Calgarians want. Laying off teachers and nurses will make our economy, our schools and our hospitals worse off, not better.

We are listening to Calgarians, and I can promise you that we are working on solutions to the complex problems we face, day and night.