Statement from NDP Human Services Critic David Eggen on Food Banks Canada report

EDMONTON – New Democrat Human Services critic, David Eggen, released the following statement following the release of Food Bank Canada’s report “HungerCount 2014”.

The report shows the number of Albertans who are accessing food banks has risen to double the national average over the past year and points to a lack of affordable housing as part of the cause, in Alberta.

   “It’s a sad state of affairs when working Alberta families don’t have a roof over their heads or enough food to feed their children.
   “These are proud Albertans who work hard to support their families  but the cost of living keeps going up and in many cases, a full time wage isn’t enough anymore.
   “What does it say about Alberta when full-time working couples can’t afford to keep their kids bellies full, or keep a roof over their heads? The PC’s priorities are in the wrong places.
   “Prentice owes it to Alberta families to take immediate, meaningful steps to ensure that people can afford to work and live here with dignity."