Statement from Rachel Notley condemning racism and Islamophobia in Alberta

“On behalf of all Albertans, I strongly condemn the acts of racism and Islamophobia we’ve seen recently directed at our Muslim friends and neighbours here in Alberta. Racism and hate is not welcome here in Alberta and I'm going to continue to fight to ensure all Albertans feel safe and welcome. In response to the hate incident at the Markaz Ul Islam mosque, the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council has called on Jason Kenney to clearly and unequivocally reject white supremacy, to stop sending mixed signals to the Muslim community, and recognize the fact that Islamophobia exists.

“While Jason Kenney has said there’s no place for hatred in his party racists and extremists clearly feel welcome with them. As such, in the interests of pushing back against the presence of hate in our province, Mr. Kenney has an elected obligation to personally condemn these values and to also take concrete actions to evict these factions from the UCP. The fight against hate and racism is not an event – it is a process. And it must never stop.

“This is a leadership moment for Mr. Kenney and a test of his character. I’m joining AMPAC and Albertans to say no more mixed signals, no more dog whistles, no more defending racist candidates and policies. It’s time to clearly condemn Islamophobia and stand with us to fight back against this spreading racism and intolerance”