In recent days the New Democratic Party of Alberta has sent out information to our members inviting them to attend a public event, the swearing-in of the Government this Sunday. Party members and supporters who wanted to tell us they were planning to attend were then invited to donate to our party.

In this, unfortunately, we were mixing a party fundraising appeal with a publicly-funded event.

This was a serious mistake, conduct we committed to end during the campaign.

We understand that the new Government of Alberta wants the swearing in to be as inclusive as possible and that all Albertans - regardless of political affiliation - are invited to attend.

As acting provincial secretary I have directed an immediate end to this fundraising appeal and the removal of information on the internet supporting it. And I have directed that there be no repetition of fundraising appeals that refer to publicly-funded events in this way.

We sincerely apologize to Albertans for this mistake.


Mary McLean
Acting Provincial Secretary
New Democratic Party of Alberta