Students, teachers and support staff suffer as PCs refuse to fund public education

EDMONTON – New Democrat Education critic, Deron Bilous called on the PCs today to take responsibility for chronically underfunding education in Alberta.

“Our children deserve high quality education, they deserve one-on-one time and they deserve the chance to build nurturing relationships with the teachers and staff they are spending their time with. By neglecting our public education system through chronic underfunding, this PC government is robbing our kids of those opportunities,” said Bilous.

Bilous’ comments come on the heels of a Public Interest Alberta report that surveyed parents, students, teachers and staff in cities and towns across the province.

The report confirms what Bilous and the NDP have been saying in the Legislature for years.

“Although these statistics are concerning, they’re not surprising. We have known for years that growing class sizes, inadequate classroom space and a lack of resources means our kids are not getting the education they deserve and that the current system is failing them,” said Bilous.

A startling 80% of respondents feel their classroom does not have enough support staff.

“When you underfund even one student who needs special attention, that underfunding has a ripple effect throughout the entire classroom. The PCs are making it harder and harder for Alberta teachers to do their jobs effectively and it’s the kids who will suffer,” said Bilous.