The PCs are hiding from their healthcare record

EDMONTON– New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley called on the PCs today, to stop hiding from their record on healthcare and release overdue AHS Performance Measures reports.

“Right now, patients are suffering from this government’s neglect. People are waiting hours for emergency care, they are being put into acute care beds when they should be in long term care and our doctors and nurses are stretched to their limits trying to keep up with a system running over-capacity,” said Notley.

Alberta Health Services had been releasing quarterly performance reports on health targets since 2009, but stopped releasing data after the 2013-2014 report came out, late, in October 2014. 

Since then, three quarters have passed with no update.

“We know our healthcare system is in crisis and this government refuses to take responsibility for its neglect of the healthcare system and instead the PCs are hiding the data so that Albertans can’t know how bad it really is.”

In the midst of cost-cutting measures, AHS announced last week that it has commissioned an Ontario company to establish new benchmarks.

Dr. Paul Parks, who represents the AMA- Emergency Section of Medicine- South Zone called the new contract “ridiculous,” telling the media, “We have experts in the nation who have set and written the benchmarks. AHS has repeatedly tried to change markers over time because they are not meeting internationally accepted benchmarks.”

“This isn’t something this government can sugar-coat or dodge and that’s why the PCs are hiding. This data shows just how much the PCs have let our vital healthcare services weaken and crack, without doing anything to stop it,” Notley said.