The road to homelessness paved with good intentions in poorly-planned regulations

EDMONTON - By pushing through important regulations without consideration for the people they will impact the most, this government is poised to hurt the very people the claim to be trying to protect, NDP Leader Rachel Notley said today.

“We need PDD programs in order to keep our communities strong and support our most vulnerable and this government’s reckless implementation of new policies shows the PCs don’t understand or respect the hard work of service providers,” said Notley.
Notley was responding to complaints filed to the Human Rights Commission by Alberta PDD service providers as a result of new accommodation standards imposed by the provincial government.
“We all support ensuring the highest standard of safety in the homes of vulnerable Albertans. However, by recklessly imposing the costs on service providers without compensation, the government threatens their very operation and that will likely cost PDD recipients their homes in some cases,” said Notley.
“As our work over the last several weeks has shown, even the government cannot maintain these standards in their own buildings, so why are they arbitrarily asking service providers, many of which are not-for-profit organizations, to do what they, themselves, cannot?”
Notley emphasized that safety standards are crucial and called on the PCs to provide adequate funding to service providers to ensure the safety of vulnerable Albertans.