NDP offers endorsement, saying Kenney is “the right fit” for PCs

Jason Kenney has announced he will be returning from Ottawa to make a leadership bid for the PCs. New Democrats believe that Kenney’s record makes him the perfect candidate to lead the party that Albertans rejected at the polls one year ago.

Promises of Cuts

“My full-time job between 1992-1997 was very publicly advocating specific spending cuts in Alberta.” – Kenney, Twitter April 2016

Kenney is quick to praise dramatic cuts to healthcare and education, and now he plans to put that ideology to work by turning back the clock and firing teachers, nurses and closing schools. Albertans rejected that same PC plan just one year ago.

Climate Change Denial

Kenney takes every opportunity to say that Alberta taking action on climate change is wrong, even though his understanding of climate science is a bit off – he doesn’t seem to think Co2 emissions are a problem:

Co2 is not pollution. Life would cease to exist without it. Our forests breathe Co2.” -Kenney, Twitter March 2016

He would rather that Alberta go back to the same climate-denying approach that didn’t build a single pipeline to tidewater in the ten years he was in government in Ottawa.

Legacy of Entitlement

Kenney would fit right in with the PCs – he’s used to the entitlements of Ottawa:

  • In 2013-14, he billed taxpayers $6000 to fly his mother from Calgary to Ottawa so she could watch his swearing-in ceremony.
  • When he was a Minister in 2012, he had his department spend an extra $750,000 to monitor perceptions of himself in the media, on top of media monitoring already available.
  • In 2007, he spent $10,698.66 to attend the elite Bilderberg conference – as a junior minister at the time, far outspending his more senior colleagues.


For more information contact:

Roari Richardson
Provincial Secretary