Three Important Questions for Jim Prentice

Three important questions for Mr. Prentice:

  1. On February 18, Justice Minister Jonathan Denis texted Jamie Lall and offered to pick up his expenses in return for standing down as a candidate on the PC Prentice team. How is this offer not a bribe?    
  2. According to media reports, the police were called to Mr. Denis' home on April 12th. Mr. Prentice asked Mr. Denis to step down as Justice Minister on April 25th. Why the two week delay - did Mr. Denis fail to inform the Premier in a timely manner? If so, why is he still a PC candidate?
  3. Can Mr. Prentice assure us that the information Mr. Denis is in court seeking to withhold from the public has no bearing on his conduct in office? Should the public not have this information before Mr. Prentice asks the public to vote for Mr. Denis?