UCP Candidates Must Publicize Positions on Reproductive Rights

For immediate release
September 14, 2017




EDMONTON – With anti-choice groups lining up to support UCP leadership candidates, Brian Jean and Jason Kenney need to be clear where they stand on women's reproductive rights.

Three groups have been active so far:

The Wilberforce Project, an Alberta anti-choice group petitioning against an NDP MLA’s motion of the Legislature to support expanding rural abortion services, weighed into the UCP leadership race, saying that anti-choice voters should not support Brian Jean and called him “anti-life” and “bigoted.”[1]

Right Now, a Toronto based anti-choice group, is encouraging supporters to run for the UCP as candidates.[2] Their spokesperson endorsed Jason Kenney for PC leader and encouraged her followers to buy PC memberships to help him in his bid for that party’s leadership.[3]

Life Site News, an anti-choice blog, republished an opinion piece stating Brian Jean is shunning social conservatives from his campaign.[4] An account named the “Brian Jean Campaign” replied to the original piece, stating the claims were “idiotic” and “lies.”[5]

Albertans deserve to know what’s happening in the backrooms of UCP Leadership Campaigns. What promises are being made to anti-choice groups that endorse UCP candidates or work to get them elected?


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