CALGARY – According to an affidavit posted online yesterday, a former employee of UCP Candidate Devinder Toor alleges Toor participated in human trafficking-type activities. Jason Kenney must commit to firing Toor if these serious allegations are found to be true.

The affidavit[1] by Devinder Toor’s former employee alleges a number of serious abuses, including:

  • Alleging Toor asked for and received $30,000 as a fee for the employee to be recruited to work for Toor’s liquor store.
  • Alleging Toor asked for the employee to surrender his passport in order to be paid.
  • Alleging Toor’s company did not actually have a real Assistant Manager position for the contract.

These are allegations of serious abuse of the temporary foreign worker program. Kenney and the UCP must cooperate with any investigations into the allegations and if confirmed, must remove Mr. Toor as their candidate immediately.


[1] https://twitter.com/LukaszukAB/status/1092287176048500737