Welcome, Sandra!

You may have just heard the news - MLA Sandra Jansen joined our team today. Here's what she had to say:

"The best traditions of the Peter Lougheed legacy in Alberta politics – the traditions I believe in – are being pursued by Premier Notley. That legacy is being kicked to the curb by the extremists who are taking over my former party… we are not going to move forward by going backward. I am going to be true to the values of my constituents, and to my own values, by joining the team whose priorities and policies I support." - Sandra Jansen on joining the NDP

Sandra has always been a voice for practical, moderate, progressive policy. She is now going to be a compelling voice for that approach within our caucus and within our government.

I said last week that Tuesday was a bad day for women in Alberta. Today is a much better day. Because a strong, articulate, mainstream progressive woman is joining the Government of Alberta. We also share some important values and priorities like protecting health care and education. Those are the values most Albertans share. They're values Sandra and I share.

Welcome, Sandra!

Rachel Notley